Thursday, December 4, 2008

always be the "BEST FRIEND?"

I promise! Photobucketthis will be a boring and non-sense post. Wag neo na lang ituloy basahin. haha XD

"Whoever said there were plenty of fish in the sea was lying. Sometimes there's only one fish." --Ally McBeal
That's how I feel every time I'am at the end of another oh-great-guess-I'm-not-going-to-be-the-special-one-because-i-have-become-the-best-friend-again situation. I hated it (absolutely~!). I feel that the stupid guy that I was crazy about at that time is 'the one' for me (*ang corny! haha). I've wailed and wondered wheter he still have any feelings for me. He was my only chance of me getting into the 'attached' status. When I felt the end is coming, I would suddenly be confronted with the possibility of not finding 'the one' ,haha XD. I became panic-stricken and secretly hoped that I'd meet him as another guy (and without the crappy 'past') soon and that we'd get together in the RIGHT TIME.

I have an aunt on my dad's side who have never been married and don't see herself getting married in the future either. She'd mercilessly be teased during family gatherings as if being a 'dalaga' was a bad thing. I wasn't free from it. Ruthless relatives ask me if I have a boyfriend and definitely, NO! (*because I DON'T WANT TO). Well, i'm not hurrying and i don't want to enter any relationships for now. I just want that extra affection and that's it.


I wonder, Photobucket when would the day that i will become the 'girl' come? why he didn't notice me (again)? or was i not attractive?, haha. Like a lightning bolt from the sky, it hit me. WILL I ALWAYS BE THE BEST FRIEND? lol.
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