Saturday, November 22, 2008



I'm bored so I decided to spend my day yesterday for watching stuffs on the net (*a marathon).

I spent almost 9 hours in front of my computer just to watch 'why why love' Photobucket (*and drool over joshua and joseph, lol XD) . Haha, the drama is fun and cool and i became addicted to it. I can no longer wait for the bell to ring for the dismissal and I can no longer take the 1 hour traffic along ortigas ave. (*what a boredome!) just to watch it every day. By the way, i already finished 10/15 episodes of it. 5 episodes to go and i decided to watch it all today (*excited na ko).


I became curious of Code Geass's ending. I can't find any site where i can watch it for free. Btw, thanks to for a clip of it. Speaking of the ending, I really hate it (*crap!). Arggh, I never thought that Lelouch will die. SUZAKU is a freak!. I never thought that he'll kill Lelouch. He's a dopey and such a wreck ~and I hate him!. Poor lelouch and i felt sorry for CC, i always thought of her pair-up with him. Well, I expected a nice ending of it (*not the irony!). Even if it's hard (*really hard!),I love Code Geass specially Lelouch , i have to accept it though.

Why UNTITLED POST? nothing Photobucket , i'm just too lazy to think of what will be the title of this post. Btw,Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Almost all of our actions have hidden intentions. Most often than not it is for our own benefit. An example of this is the announcement of our President, almost 4 years ago, that she will run, despite her Rizal Day declaration. Her allies merely describes it as a political strategy. With the frenzy going on in the government and with all the gimmicks and "front acts", it is very hard to look for the person that is truly worth your vote. The youth is starting to lose hope here in the Philippines. We are starting to doubt if we can still have a better future here. With the people running the government, what kind of hope do you expect?. If the youth, the so called "HOPE OF THE NATION", can no longer see the beauty of staying here, we are next to be doomed.

This incoherent action does not only exist in the political quagmire of the Philippines. These actions can be found almost everywhere. There are organizations and people, who greed for power and cupidity wants to hold on to power no matter what.

Our moral is now being challenged, if we can still hold on to it.

Our leaders may be living an immortal lifestyle but let us not allow ourselves to be like them. The country can no longer suffer another fatal blow. This is the time to heal our nation, let us not waste another chance in the coming election. If this still fails, we are a country of IDIOTS that choose popularity than ability.

MORALITY is a big word; it takes a lot of guts to say you are living within that conformity.

It is badly needed by the people in authority. If you wash your hands in the dispute between the powerless and the powerful, you are not being neutral. You are siding with the powerful.

We nailed someone on the cross to be our example. We should prove to the poor MAN that he didn't die for nothing.


This is supposed to be my speech in my English subject. I thought it will happen on the same day that it's announced. So I didn't prepare that much!. I think this speech is quite inappropriate based on the issues nowadays to tackle. Heheh, I forgot that the next election will be on 2010! (*naging advance ako masyado)

These are right "If this still fails, we are a country of IDIOTS Photobucket that choose popularity than ability" and "OUR MORAL IS NOW BEING CHALLENGED". So think about it.

Btw, even though it's an elementary-like speech. I hope it makes sense to you. Thanks for reading this.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a lazy post!

Hmf! I'm quite busy in our school (erhhm XD) and so lazy to make a sensible post. Maybe next time I'll post a better one (not a non-sense post like this!). Chemistry! trigonometry! I kinda messed up with these subjects and I really need to cope up with the lessons and "study"?.

Btw, a non-sense post again (TRASH!). Bye , keep safePhotobucket

Saturday, November 8, 2008


[ thuu nihon addiction ]


Yamashita tomohisa, shun oguri, jin akanishi, yuto Nakajima, ryosuke yamada, ninomiya kazunari, kanata hongo, jun matsumoto, miyavi, hiroto,junnosuke taguchi, takuya kimura, koike teppei and of course IKUTA TOMA (the uttermost addiction of mine).

These guys are my most liked haiyuu (actor) and of course, these guys is a bunch of cutesy! (*sobrang sobra, haay!). I always search them in the net (and all over again lol), make them my desktop wallpaper and keep drooling on their pics (*at lagi). I liked them not just because of their looks (*whoaa!) but also because of their versatility and also their nationality is concerned.

By the way, thanks to johnny kitagawa a lot XD. Photobucket


Asian Kung-fu genaration, utada hikaru, the gazette, KAT-TUN, miyavi, UVERworld, orange range, JUNE, ai otsuka, yui, shimokawa mikuni and alice nine. I'm musically inclined so there's a reason to fall in love with these people. I like japanese songs very much. Even though i can't really understand what do the lyrics mean (*depends on romanji translation lol XD), i like it, it sounds nice and new to the ears.


I really love Hanazakarino kimitachi e /hana kimi (*whoaa, shuichi nakatsu!), Hana yori dango, Nobuta wo produce, Akihabara @ deep,Zettai Kareshi ,Kimi wa petto, Proposal daisakusen, Gokusen and Kurosagi. I like Hana kimi (and nakatsu shuichi lol XD) the best and i'm addicted to it (and him haha). In terms of movies, i don't watch that much but I really like Battle royale and L change the world.

True - I'm addicted with manga, i've read a lot but ZETTAI KARESHI is the best. I am also addicted with anime but i'm too lazy to specify my favorites. I'll just prefer Fushigi Yuugi as my fave.


It seems that my 'japanese stuff' addiction is relapsing and it is uttermost now! (*kaadikan). I don't know what is special about japanese stuffs and in the surface of japan. I just loved them and still loving them. Even though it's an obvious xenophilia,
I JUST CAN'T STOP LIKING THEM but of course nothing's gonna change, *mas mahal ko parin ang pinas!

SAYONARA! Photobucket

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

when Ü reacts


“Akala nyo palagi akong masaya? Kapag wala na kayong masabi ako na lang lagi ang ginagamit nyo. Napapagod rin naman ako”



Lol, sorry Ü. I've been using you too much. (*Oo nga, pag wala na kong mareply, puro Ü na lang ang nirereply ko haha, kahit sa mga gm), I always insert Ü automatically in my group messages.

This made me feel guilty? and laugh. Photobucket Btw, this is a non-sense post Ü. I'm quite lazy to post a long one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween jaunt before going to HELL again


  • boring! boring! boring!
  • overcrowded (grabe!)
  • nakakahilo! (an effect of too much walking)
  • puro kandila, puro flowers.
  • ang raming langgam (*and the worst, it bites)
  • walang maupuan!
  • you are obliged to say 'tabi tabi po' a million times.
  • ang putik sa looban! (NOTE: just wear shorts and close footwear!)
  • nakakaligaw (the cemetery seems to be a maze!)
  • tranquil? (*noon)
  • clattery! (*ngayon)
  • nakakagutom (NOTE: bring packed snacks and drinks)
  • a perfect place to be tired out.

7:00 am , we went to north cemetery yesterday to visit our couz dash, couz ate flor and lolo. NAKAKAPAGOD! ,NAKAKAPAGOD! at NAKAKAPAGOD!. Then after it, we went to holy cross cemetery to visit my lolo - father side (*8 pm na ata kami nakauwi). Even though those two cemeteries are really boring!. It was extremely fun in my cousin's house. I had lots of fun there. If only I can wish a longer sembreak as a bonus, I WILL!!!.

I'm going back to HELL again! (at nakakainis!). Oh, I remember, this is life. Expect sh*ts ,ayt?. Haay. Now, I'm gonna take a sleep and dream the most beautiful dream tonight (*and asssume that it'll be the last). Balik sakit ng ulo na naman bukas! at TEST RESULTS! Good luck! Bye.
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