Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween jaunt before going to HELL again


  • boring! boring! boring!
  • overcrowded (grabe!)
  • nakakahilo! (an effect of too much walking)
  • puro kandila, puro flowers.
  • ang raming langgam (*and the worst, it bites)
  • walang maupuan!
  • you are obliged to say 'tabi tabi po' a million times.
  • ang putik sa looban! (NOTE: just wear shorts and close footwear!)
  • nakakaligaw (the cemetery seems to be a maze!)
  • tranquil? (*noon)
  • clattery! (*ngayon)
  • nakakagutom (NOTE: bring packed snacks and drinks)
  • a perfect place to be tired out.

7:00 am , we went to north cemetery yesterday to visit our couz dash, couz ate flor and lolo. NAKAKAPAGOD! ,NAKAKAPAGOD! at NAKAKAPAGOD!. Then after it, we went to holy cross cemetery to visit my lolo - father side (*8 pm na ata kami nakauwi). Even though those two cemeteries are really boring!. It was extremely fun in my cousin's house. I had lots of fun there. If only I can wish a longer sembreak as a bonus, I WILL!!!.

I'm going back to HELL again! (at nakakainis!). Oh, I remember, this is life. Expect sh*ts ,ayt?. Haay. Now, I'm gonna take a sleep and dream the most beautiful dream tonight (*and asssume that it'll be the last). Balik sakit ng ulo na naman bukas! at TEST RESULTS! Good luck! Bye.


  1. Hey luch,
    What are you doing in cemetery anyway? its part of traditional custom or what? coz I don't think that is appropriate place for playing and fooling around eh...?

  2. we visited our relatives who died. yup, it's a part of tradition here in phil. lol, it's so boring there, so we decided to do some things (*to be energized). just for fun :)


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