Saturday, November 22, 2008



I'm bored so I decided to spend my day yesterday for watching stuffs on the net (*a marathon).

I spent almost 9 hours in front of my computer just to watch 'why why love' Photobucket (*and drool over joshua and joseph, lol XD) . Haha, the drama is fun and cool and i became addicted to it. I can no longer wait for the bell to ring for the dismissal and I can no longer take the 1 hour traffic along ortigas ave. (*what a boredome!) just to watch it every day. By the way, i already finished 10/15 episodes of it. 5 episodes to go and i decided to watch it all today (*excited na ko).


I became curious of Code Geass's ending. I can't find any site where i can watch it for free. Btw, thanks to for a clip of it. Speaking of the ending, I really hate it (*crap!). Arggh, I never thought that Lelouch will die. SUZAKU is a freak!. I never thought that he'll kill Lelouch. He's a dopey and such a wreck ~and I hate him!. Poor lelouch and i felt sorry for CC, i always thought of her pair-up with him. Well, I expected a nice ending of it (*not the irony!). Even if it's hard (*really hard!),I love Code Geass specially Lelouch , i have to accept it though.

Why UNTITLED POST? nothing Photobucket , i'm just too lazy to think of what will be the title of this post. Btw,Thanks for reading.



  2. haha XD oo nga noh
    SPOILER!!! btw, di bale n lng.


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