Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party popping shawty~!

I got lots of reasons to party this week. Lee Min Ho's birthday, Dad's day and most of all, the 2 days suspension. I've been a busy bee these past few weeks because of school. I even dumped someone *laughs* but it's nothing to mope about. By the way, I did not go to school last monday because of high fever and cough. I sneezed a lot and I thought that it'll be pretty unusual to go to school. Ughh, I thought I was going to miss our quiz in math. Speaking of quizzes, I'm effin' sick of studying about our 131-item shitty quiz in Biology. Thanks the heavens! class was suspended.

"Sometimes you have to
be a bitch to get things done."

Oh, well, I got nothing left to say. Nothing so significant happened this week. I'm just enjoying the class suspensions and laughing about what Kia said earlier - "Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done." Lol xD It came from an inborn Ms. Prim and Proper named Kia and I was surprised that these words came from her mouth. Actually, she was bombarded with non-sense questions by someone and got insulted. Poor kid. Hahaha, well, til the next post :))

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fascinated with baby MinHo♥


I was surfing the net and weee! I got these cute baby Lee Min Ho♥ pictures. Obviously, he's oh!so cute as a baby (I wanna pinch his cheeks!) and these pics made me thought about his childhood years. His likes, his school - everything about his real life. I found this blog -cilck- and read an entry about LMH's childhood. I got interested because the title said "Get to know LEE MIN HO straight from his MOM!". Oh well, I'm not that selfish so I'll share some baby MH facts from her mom :))

"When he was young, we all called Min Ho “sudden blink”. The main reason was because due to his large eyes, it was very cute when his eyes blink continuously." Well, for me. Even if he's not blinking - he's still cute.

"Min Ho had a very good relationship with his sister. The number of arguments they had were really countable. This day, they posed on the table with the cake that their father had bought." I adore young MH for this because I often fight my sister out of simple things and non-sense reasons xD

"Min Ho is very shy, I had never dreamt of him becoming an actor one day. Even the song that he sang during his kindergarden birthday party was also after several practice at home with mom. Even though Min Ho was very shy when he was young, but he met plenty of friends when he progressed to middle school. He became more extrovert from then on." Waah! I want to have a time machine, go to the past and hear his cute little voice :))

"Beginning from middle school stage, Min Ho is already very handsome and also enjoyed a high popularity among guy and girl friends. Even his sister’s friends called him “yun kyung’s ‘pretty boy’ brother”." MinHo is always effin' handsome! even pimples can't destruct xD

Can't stop the LMH fever!. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Oh yeah, I forgot - 13 days to go before his birthday. Advance birthday LMH! :)) Send us some plane tickets here in PH and we'll give you the most wonderful birthday bash ever xD

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey, start out!

School is in. Wake up at 4:45am, 5 minutes of having second thoughts if I want to go to class xD, take a bath, breakfast and argue with mom - you know the drill!. I was nervous about the class opening. Okay, it's the second time I gone nervous about that matter. I don't know if it's because June 1 was too early for class! and arghh! I'm really against it or it's because I'm a Senior now? I don't know xD. Class opening was kinda boring for me. My new classmates were so quiet (until now) and I want to slap them!. Good thing is I was able to be with many of my former classmates again. At least may kadaldalan ako. Well, nothing so significant happened for the first week of class. There were way too many suspensions (dagdagan pa!xD) due to weather 'malfunctions' *lmao!* - sabi nga ng pinsan kong magaling. I mean, due to bad weather - at nakakainis, I left my Physics, Filipino and English notebooks at school. I was thinking about the homeworks. San ko isusulat yun? *laughs*

By the way, College stuffs still bother me. Dad just got my UPCAT application and my mom wanted me to apply to a review center. Okay, I'm on the process. The problem is I don't even know what course am I going to take *sigh*. My mom is bugging me about that. Wala talagang pumapasok sa utak ko. Btw, If I mess up the UPCAT and miss studying at UP, I'm planning to take up my College in UE or UST, PUP, what else?. Ughh, I know - College is a big deal and I always become tense whenever my Mom talks about it.

"but i love you girl nega isseojwosseumyeon sipeo but i love you girl nega jabajwosseumyeon sipeo but i love you girl malhajianhado seotun nae mam jebal nochimarajwoyo..."
Forget about the school, I'm currently listening to G-Dragon's But I love you - I'm having LSS right now. Oh yeah, I am stuck in love with ♥Lee Min Ho's Dunkin Donuts commercial . Whoaa! he's so cute there. Can't stop the MH♥ fever!. Btw, I'm still doing my Physics homework and waiting for the dinner to be ready - I'm hungry.

Friday, May 29, 2009

どうもありがとう。for a terrific birthday!


I just wanna say thanks and give hugs&kisses to those who greeted me on my birthday - last May 21 2009. You guys, made my special day a terrific one. Oh, well, thanks to this stupid guy named, James Glenn A. for giving me a yummy Sansrival Cake as a gift and to James Patrick A. for giving me a very very nice message via phone and multiply comment. He's the first one who greeted me on the phone :)). I love Ms. Kia Soriano for giving me a cute pair of blue slippers - I love it!. Thanks also to my Smoochicks*! hotties, Kelvin family, PCSHS Pips, ÜBERworld clan, my fun-loving cousins and my beloved family! for making my day GREAT! with their simple and touching greetings. You guys made me smile a lot :)) I almost cried too *sniffsniff*

hope you like my thank you gift! :))

Again, thanks friends for the smile, gifts and greets. I really appreciated it. Thanks a lot to God for giving me another year to live and to give love. I owe everything to Him. どうもありがとう。Lots of love and kisses! Thanks :))

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The face off! Hana Yori Dango Vs. Boys Before Flowers

HYD or BOF? It's definitely a tough question baby. I already finished watching the whole BOF series and I just can't stop myself comparing the two. It's quite hard so I just made a little evaluation and reviews to know which is the better one, to make it easier and I think I got it.


On looks: I go for BOF's F4. They're the best looking F4 of all time. All cute and hot and it's pretty unusual for me to love all the F4's members but in BOF, I do!. I really love Jun Pyo and Kim Bum :)) *drools*
On the acts: HYD's F4 is the best F4 of all time.I like the impact of HYD's F4. They're much closer to each other and they care a lot about their friendship at all times and it seems the BOF's f4 lacks that.

WHO? Inoue Mao as Tsukushi Makino and Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
On looks: It's definitely the tough weed Tsukushi Makino! Jan Di annoys the hell out of me! Her hair looks like a soup bowl and I dislike it! *pheew!*. Unlike Makino, she's cute and simple. She's by far the prettiest of the two.
On the acts: Makino also got it. Inoue Mao does act better than Koo Hye Sun. Makino is a poor-tough-simple girl, not a poor-tough-bit annoying like Jan Di. She's too weak - its all mopey mopey sad, I want to slap her XD. I didn't see any reasons why Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo liked her!. Hye Sun- she's sometimes overacting. Inoue is the best actress for this part.

WHO? Jun Matsumoto as Tskuasa Domyouji and Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo
On looks: Lee Min Ho got me :)) Min Ho is taller and manlier that Matsumoto and he got the looks. I hate Jun's looks in HYD. He looks stupid with the curly hair, unlike Min Ho. Actually, they're both cute in real life. Min Ho's just hotter for me.
On the acts: It's 100% Tsukasa Domyouji! Jun acts a lot better than Min Ho. The role's supposed to be bratty and spoiled but a fun loving guy. Jun Pyo is not like that, he's just the slight version. Just a bit bratty and he cries a lot like a baby. Well, I like Jun Pyo too but one thing that irked me was how he handled Jan Di whenever he was mad. I mean he would grab her around the collar just like he would beat up any other!. Domyouji totally scares me when he's mad, he's sweeter and he's funnier!. He made a great impact for the role.

WHO? Shun Oguri as Rui Hanazawa and Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
On looks and acts: Rui Hanazawa rocks! Rui is lovelier than Ji Hoo. Shun's looks is suitable for the role. Ji Hoo's cute too specially when he cut his hair short, he looks hot! but Rui, no one can beat him. For the character/role, hands down to Shun Oguri!. He acts a lot better than Hyun Joong, as in his acting is PERFECT for the role. Hyun Joon acts a little bit trying hard. In HYD, Rui is a mysterious, zoned out and a quiet guy but in BOF, Ji Hoo is talkative and it's annoying *laughs*.

WHO? Shota Matsuda as Nishikado Soujiro and Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong
On looks and acts: So Yi Jeong is the best! Kim Bum acts a lot better than Shota. Plus he's oh! so cute - an eyecandy. Cuties like Kim Bum had the perfect looks to be a playboy. I think babyfaced guys are the real playboys :DD *laughs!*. I like Yi Jeong's character a lot. He's one of the reasons why I watch BOF. I really love Ga Eul and Yi Jeongs pairing. It's sweeter than HYD'S.

WHO? Abe Tsuyoshi as Mimasaka Akira and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin
On looks: Woo Bin is the cutie. Woo bin is obviously cuter than Akira.
On the acts: Abe Tsuyoshi acts better than Woo Bin. HYD's Akira showed more care and done lots of things than BOF'S Woo Bin. I often forgot that there's a Woo Bin on the show, hahaha! XD

  • I really love Ga Eul (Jan Di's best friend) she's so cute and I love her with Yi Jeong! They look so sweet but I love Yuki's (Makino's friend) character more, she's funnier.
  • Han Chae Young (as Min Seo Hyun) acts better than Sada Mayumi (as Shizuka Todo). I love Seo Hyun's character and she's very very very pretty!
  • I like Domyouji's mother better than Jun Pyo's mother. She's the better mother antagonist and she's more cruel at nakakainis!.
  • Makino's family is funnier and I love them the most!. I like Jan Di's little brother, Kang San - so cute. But all in all, I choose the Makino family.
  • Jae Kyung (Jun Pyo's fiancee) is a lot prettier than Shigeru (Domyouji's) and I love her but Shigeru is the better actress and funnier. I just remembered the ear biting scene *laughs*.
  • I love HYD'S three mean girls. They're a lot funnier than BOF's. They're totally mean and prettier. (Rest in Peace Jang Ja yun)
My heart goes with Hana Yori Dango. The casts acted better and had great chemistry. Domyouji & Makino's pairing is sweeter and better than Jun Pyo & Jand Di's - did I mention that I really really love Yi Jeong and Ga Eul's pairing!?♥ HYD had the better storyline and I found that the Korean version is just like the classical korean drama formula, very typical and frankly! the other episodes are totally boring! there are way too many scenes between Ji Hoo and Jan Di - what's up with that?. Hana Yori Dango has a perfect combination of sad, funny and romantic moments. It is not too dramatic and doesn't have any draggy moments. HYD, it's funnier and unique. It doesn't want to make me skip an episode. BOF, in my opinion, quite killed the purpose of the personalities and speaking of the ending, HYD's ending is great! it rocks but BOF's is a typical one, it's simple and when I watched it I was like - "Tae! Yun na yun? tumayo lang sa beach?". I was kinda unimpressed *laughs*.


I looooove BBF, but if i had to compare it to HYD, it's definitely HYD ♥ I got excited with BOF too and I was able to love it *shouts "lee min ho!"* but HYD is the greatest. It's unbeatable and more lovable for me. I guessed that BOF's better than HYD but it turned out as a "wrong guess". I still love Hana Yori Dango more! and the soundtracks. Hmmm, wait. Did I forget to mention something?! like Meteor Garden? it creeps me a lot! *laughs*.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kill the boredom!

Summer's over and say hello to Boredom! and it absolutely means: no beach bumming anymore, less hangouts, less heat *claps* and the worst of all - back to school mode. School? I kinda hate the word, it connotes nightmares like bunch of homeworks, projects, exams. In short, school is full of endless peer pressures! *sigh*. Forget the school thing, only 2 weeks left for vacation, it's so short, I can even count the days on my fingers. The worst thing is I can't even find superb outlets for my boredom. All I can do is to stay in my house and breathe :D Boredom often hits me and I found some ways to kill it. Siyempre, di naman ako papayag, I don't want to bore myself to death.
By the way, I'm a blissful baby and boredom is a big NO for me. I listed few hard-hitting boredom killers and it's effective :D *in my own way*.
  • Surprise, surprise! I cook!. I do that to kil my boredom. It's trenchant. Ang sarap pa sa feeling pag masarap yung luto mo. I cook riceXD, viands and prepare desserts. The great thing is I don't overcook the food. Wee! it's worthwhile.
  • I drown my senses to music. I am musically inclined and music is what I love the most. It's 100% effective. I just download songs, put it in my MP3 and tada! it's fun!
NP: ♫ ♪ I like that boom boom pow .Them chicken jockin’ my style. They try copy my swagger. Im on that next shit now.
  • I read books. I am currently reading “The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. I love to read, it enriches my mind.
  • I eat lots of food and that's why I gained weight. I am now Ms. Blubber :))
  • I always turn on the computer. I check my email, chat, update my accounts and customize my profiles. I do CSS, HTML and lots of net stuff. Even though it give me headaches and eye strain, masaya naman.
  • Watch and watch and watch TV shows. I love watching American Idol *please support Kris Allen*, local dramas and Boys Over Flowers, the show is nice :)) Lee Min Ho is hot and Kim Bum is oh! so cute. You gotta watch the show too.
That's the few. By the way, 4 days left until my birthday. Thanks to those who greeted me so advanced. Thanks a lot :)) I've been thinking of celebrating it with my Smoochicks *kisses*. I miss them so much and I hope! sana pumayag naman yung tatay ko. Well, that's all for now. Don't let the boredom hits you. Commit a crime. Kill the boredom :DD


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ecstatic little plastic drives me off the wall

"automatic lover you're my techno lust addicted to your love like magic dust ecstatic little plastic drives me off the wall push the right buttons remote control wa-wa-wa wakari masen i-i-i i'm in love again"

tamagochi baby by eraserheads

I feel sick and uneasy this night. I am home alone right now :(( So, I drown my senses to music and listen to one of my fave Eheads' song - Tamagochi Baby, to kill the boredom. I'm currently posting on this blog listening to music and waiting for my mom to come. She told me via phone that she'll bring me a pizza (with olives) to munch on. *Yum* I'm hungry. By the way, follow me on Twitter.

Oh well, I just wanna say thank you to those who greeted me a happy birthday so advanced!. This is my thank you gift - - hope you like it :))

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's been a hot summer hitch, it's May! and love lots to my mom!

May, my fave month of the year and for two reasons: first, it means summer is still around the corner and second, hehe, it's my birthday month. I'm getting one year older again *sigh*.

Yup! that's right. I will turn 16 on 21. Maybe, I'm still light years away from doing "GROWN-UP" stuffs like driving, bar-o-holic status or anything like that, but, it's not everyday that a girl turns 16. Crazy but that's pretty special, ayt? By the way, I expect fun and hangouts this month but ughh, it's quite impossible for now. I think I'll have a lame birthday month instead :((. Because of heavy rains *curse you!*, summer was cut short earlier than I thought. Sad but I'm still a happy kid somehow.

My April turned out so fun!. I was able to frolic on the beaches of Bauang, La Union and see the allure of Pangasinan with my cousins. The beach's like heaven. Clean, has a good maintenace and cool - ang ganda grabe!. Aside from beach bumming. I was able to eat delicious and exotic foods too *yums* and I met my cousin Gian there- naging crush ko yun, ang gwapo eh :DD haha. I hadlots of wacky experiences, like off the hook encounters!. I even got my left foot injured :D (a long story to tell). I really love the place :D like I'm stuck in love with that place.

Back to manila, I was with my close cousins, friends and my family. We went to Loreland Resort. Medyo panget dun! *shhh*. Overwcrowded and dirty pool (sort of). I didn't even want to take a dip at first but, I don't want to miss the fun - "Minsan lang yan, wag kang kill-joy!", so I jumped off and *splash!* took a swim. I had a great bond with my family that entire day. Nothing can beat the fun brought by your love ones.

My April was fun. Even though I missed to hit the beach and check out the shores of Pagudpud - I'm such a beach bum but it costs lots of money, wala na kong pera and even though I made a sin, I told my mom a big fat lie and that's a secret *hides from mom*. I'm happy that I was able to spend my summer days with my family. I thank God the most for giving me a terrific summer. I just wish May would be like April. I don't want to bore myself to death and celebrating my birthday with the rain? - that's so sick! *sigh*.

L O V E L O T S M O M !

By the way, I just want to great my pretty mom a Happy Mother's day! also to the moms around the universe. We celebrated her day by going to Bulacan to visit my Lola - I wish she's happy there, in Heaven. We just got home few hours ago. By the way, it all ends here. Thanks for reading even if this is just a waste of time for some. Have a happy summer, rain or shine. Adiós!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My horoscope screwed up!

See this at:
Your thoughts are vibrant and potent today, so see if you can find a good way to organize them -- or at least to get your people to help you remember them! Socializing is its own reward, too.
D A M N R A W R !

This day was a big burnout! I'm mad and this brainsick horoscope got me pissed off. "Your thoughts are vibrant and potent today" What the heck does this sentence mean? I was like arggh! mad at everything. I almost burst out with tears. It's giving me headaches. The sentence is very wrong. I'm just doing and feeling the other way around. I spaced out today in such a way that I am not aware of my surroundings. I made a mistake today and it became a total mess (and that's so confidential). But thanks to my dear friend Kia. She tried to calm my day. She told me that I'd get my ass kicked if I stay this way - ANGRY. Thanks a lot Kee!

By the way, this is just a non-sense post again. I just want to blog - as an outlet or my anger. Throw some fears and make my thoughts VIBRANT - just what my horoscope said. Sa mga nag-basa, thanks!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's hot, I'm bored and congrats PACMAN!

Round 2? I was like wooow! when Manny won against Hitman Ricky. I was relieved, 100% RELIEVED!. Well, because of some teenage gamble that was held between me and my Kuya Dar. But I got the better luck. I won! and he promise me that he'll treat me a cheese flavored ice cream or he'll take the responsibility of doing my household chores tomorrow. He didn't decide yet but he might opt to do the second option :D SANA LANG! para wala akong gagawin bukas.

Btw, this day worth the boredom and the wait. CONGRATS MANNY! He proved again that he's a true Filipino pride plus he received a whooping 12 million dollars too. Wew! uncountable as the grains of sand huh?! and congrats to his little sidekick - Pacman the Dog . It's a sure thing that he'll have lots of foods to eat tonight.

Monday, April 20, 2009

summer love!

U P D A T E S ?

maybe, some time :D if i'm not this busy anymore. i'm enjoying my summer (sooo hott!) and spending the rest of my day with my family or friends and uhm, well, i'm also trying to get rid off my computer addiction :DD haha. i miss my OL days. oh! specially, chatting!. by the way, i'll try to UPDATE this blog as soon as possible. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!
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