Friday, May 29, 2009

どうもありがとう。for a terrific birthday!


I just wanna say thanks and give hugs&kisses to those who greeted me on my birthday - last May 21 2009. You guys, made my special day a terrific one. Oh, well, thanks to this stupid guy named, James Glenn A. for giving me a yummy Sansrival Cake as a gift and to James Patrick A. for giving me a very very nice message via phone and multiply comment. He's the first one who greeted me on the phone :)). I love Ms. Kia Soriano for giving me a cute pair of blue slippers - I love it!. Thanks also to my Smoochicks*! hotties, Kelvin family, PCSHS Pips, ÜBERworld clan, my fun-loving cousins and my beloved family! for making my day GREAT! with their simple and touching greetings. You guys made me smile a lot :)) I almost cried too *sniffsniff*

hope you like my thank you gift! :))

Again, thanks friends for the smile, gifts and greets. I really appreciated it. Thanks a lot to God for giving me another year to live and to give love. I owe everything to Him. どうもありがとう。Lots of love and kisses! Thanks :))


  1. now i know, ako pinakamahabang message. you are such a liar :D

  2. oh well, sure ka? i got a message from someone - 100x na mas mhaba pa sa message mo! xP


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