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The face off! Hana Yori Dango Vs. Boys Before Flowers

HYD or BOF? It's definitely a tough question baby. I already finished watching the whole BOF series and I just can't stop myself comparing the two. It's quite hard so I just made a little evaluation and reviews to know which is the better one, to make it easier and I think I got it.


On looks: I go for BOF's F4. They're the best looking F4 of all time. All cute and hot and it's pretty unusual for me to love all the F4's members but in BOF, I do!. I really love Jun Pyo and Kim Bum :)) *drools*
On the acts: HYD's F4 is the best F4 of all time.I like the impact of HYD's F4. They're much closer to each other and they care a lot about their friendship at all times and it seems the BOF's f4 lacks that.

WHO? Inoue Mao as Tsukushi Makino and Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
On looks: It's definitely the tough weed Tsukushi Makino! Jan Di annoys the hell out of me! Her hair looks like a soup bowl and I dislike it! *pheew!*. Unlike Makino, she's cute and simple. She's by far the prettiest of the two.
On the acts: Makino also got it. Inoue Mao does act better than Koo Hye Sun. Makino is a poor-tough-simple girl, not a poor-tough-bit annoying like Jan Di. She's too weak - its all mopey mopey sad, I want to slap her XD. I didn't see any reasons why Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo liked her!. Hye Sun- she's sometimes overacting. Inoue is the best actress for this part.

WHO? Jun Matsumoto as Tskuasa Domyouji and Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo
On looks: Lee Min Ho got me :)) Min Ho is taller and manlier that Matsumoto and he got the looks. I hate Jun's looks in HYD. He looks stupid with the curly hair, unlike Min Ho. Actually, they're both cute in real life. Min Ho's just hotter for me.
On the acts: It's 100% Tsukasa Domyouji! Jun acts a lot better than Min Ho. The role's supposed to be bratty and spoiled but a fun loving guy. Jun Pyo is not like that, he's just the slight version. Just a bit bratty and he cries a lot like a baby. Well, I like Jun Pyo too but one thing that irked me was how he handled Jan Di whenever he was mad. I mean he would grab her around the collar just like he would beat up any other!. Domyouji totally scares me when he's mad, he's sweeter and he's funnier!. He made a great impact for the role.

WHO? Shun Oguri as Rui Hanazawa and Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
On looks and acts: Rui Hanazawa rocks! Rui is lovelier than Ji Hoo. Shun's looks is suitable for the role. Ji Hoo's cute too specially when he cut his hair short, he looks hot! but Rui, no one can beat him. For the character/role, hands down to Shun Oguri!. He acts a lot better than Hyun Joong, as in his acting is PERFECT for the role. Hyun Joon acts a little bit trying hard. In HYD, Rui is a mysterious, zoned out and a quiet guy but in BOF, Ji Hoo is talkative and it's annoying *laughs*.

WHO? Shota Matsuda as Nishikado Soujiro and Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong
On looks and acts: So Yi Jeong is the best! Kim Bum acts a lot better than Shota. Plus he's oh! so cute - an eyecandy. Cuties like Kim Bum had the perfect looks to be a playboy. I think babyfaced guys are the real playboys :DD *laughs!*. I like Yi Jeong's character a lot. He's one of the reasons why I watch BOF. I really love Ga Eul and Yi Jeongs pairing. It's sweeter than HYD'S.

WHO? Abe Tsuyoshi as Mimasaka Akira and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin
On looks: Woo Bin is the cutie. Woo bin is obviously cuter than Akira.
On the acts: Abe Tsuyoshi acts better than Woo Bin. HYD's Akira showed more care and done lots of things than BOF'S Woo Bin. I often forgot that there's a Woo Bin on the show, hahaha! XD

  • I really love Ga Eul (Jan Di's best friend) she's so cute and I love her with Yi Jeong! They look so sweet but I love Yuki's (Makino's friend) character more, she's funnier.
  • Han Chae Young (as Min Seo Hyun) acts better than Sada Mayumi (as Shizuka Todo). I love Seo Hyun's character and she's very very very pretty!
  • I like Domyouji's mother better than Jun Pyo's mother. She's the better mother antagonist and she's more cruel at nakakainis!.
  • Makino's family is funnier and I love them the most!. I like Jan Di's little brother, Kang San - so cute. But all in all, I choose the Makino family.
  • Jae Kyung (Jun Pyo's fiancee) is a lot prettier than Shigeru (Domyouji's) and I love her but Shigeru is the better actress and funnier. I just remembered the ear biting scene *laughs*.
  • I love HYD'S three mean girls. They're a lot funnier than BOF's. They're totally mean and prettier. (Rest in Peace Jang Ja yun)
My heart goes with Hana Yori Dango. The casts acted better and had great chemistry. Domyouji & Makino's pairing is sweeter and better than Jun Pyo & Jand Di's - did I mention that I really really love Yi Jeong and Ga Eul's pairing!?♥ HYD had the better storyline and I found that the Korean version is just like the classical korean drama formula, very typical and frankly! the other episodes are totally boring! there are way too many scenes between Ji Hoo and Jan Di - what's up with that?. Hana Yori Dango has a perfect combination of sad, funny and romantic moments. It is not too dramatic and doesn't have any draggy moments. HYD, it's funnier and unique. It doesn't want to make me skip an episode. BOF, in my opinion, quite killed the purpose of the personalities and speaking of the ending, HYD's ending is great! it rocks but BOF's is a typical one, it's simple and when I watched it I was like - "Tae! Yun na yun? tumayo lang sa beach?". I was kinda unimpressed *laughs*.


I looooove BBF, but if i had to compare it to HYD, it's definitely HYD ♥ I got excited with BOF too and I was able to love it *shouts "lee min ho!"* but HYD is the greatest. It's unbeatable and more lovable for me. I guessed that BOF's better than HYD but it turned out as a "wrong guess". I still love Hana Yori Dango more! and the soundtracks. Hmmm, wait. Did I forget to mention something?! like Meteor Garden? it creeps me a lot! *laughs*.


  1. ..LMAO XD!
    ..soup bowl hairstyle, tawa ako dun x))

    ..i'm an avid fan of k-stuffs but yah right, mas feel qoh storyline ng hanadan
    ..lurrve the casts of bof but not the story,


  2. damn right!! me pagkaboring bof noh? me mga episodes akong suuuper kong nagustuhan! pero mas maraming hindi *burnout!* - buti na lng gwapo mga casts :DD kim bum + lee min ho = gawzzz!♥

  3. ..domyouji was the best domyouji <3
    ..i like jun pyo but there's one thing that irked me out. yung ngalet cya and then he grabbed JD's collar,,. WTF?!!
    ..gngawa ba ng lalake un? LMAO x))

  4. hahaha! lmao nga. ngayon co lng naisip un. mali nga :DD. pno kugn gnun c brent?! bwuahahah! *rolls* mcyado rin cyang SWEET and he's a total CRYBABY! airport, macau, sa harap ng nanay nea.. etc. ang weirdo - unlike domyouji, me dahilan kung umiyak. mas mtapang din, super bully. good boy pa nga c GP sa lagay na un eh :DD

  5. ..laughing my ass off x)))!!
    ..brent or the other way around??? !!!

    ..sablay tlga c LMHo sa pgportray nung role.
    ..jun obviously hit it!,, shun, chorva amn ni KHJoong

    ..a [[loner]] who's able to play to play basketball in public X)) geez,,
    ..pacute lng sblay pa!

  6. nakakairita c hyun joong! ~in a way, cute nea parn. mysterious-na-madaldal ung tngin ko. unlike shun, galing galing! :DD cute ng kim bum & ga eul pair. sweet~! :))

  7. lalalove the review!~
    yeah, medyo boooring nga
    but no final comment muna~!

    di ko pa tapos..xxD wah pera

    mahal ko si ji hoo!~~♥

  8. wooshoo! sbe ko nga. cute nga cya :DD tpusin mo and you'll see the difference. HYD lover ka kya noh.

  9. Too bad with "BOF" the only word is "LOOKS".

  10. thanks for review my latest act

  11. but those "LOOKS" made a great impact and I think HYD lacks that :))

  12. ang gwapo ng f4

  13. Yeah im agree w/ you.
    If i were the director, i won't be happy finding out that my movies gain success only by the LOOKS =p
    Like, cmon, i'm directing movies, not only selling the faces,right?
    So yeah, HYD for the wins! Hahaha =DDDD

  14. yeah, right! i only love BOF because of the eyecandy leads but in HYD, i love "everything".


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