Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kill the boredom!

Summer's over and say hello to Boredom! and it absolutely means: no beach bumming anymore, less hangouts, less heat *claps* and the worst of all - back to school mode. School? I kinda hate the word, it connotes nightmares like bunch of homeworks, projects, exams. In short, school is full of endless peer pressures! *sigh*. Forget the school thing, only 2 weeks left for vacation, it's so short, I can even count the days on my fingers. The worst thing is I can't even find superb outlets for my boredom. All I can do is to stay in my house and breathe :D Boredom often hits me and I found some ways to kill it. Siyempre, di naman ako papayag, I don't want to bore myself to death.
By the way, I'm a blissful baby and boredom is a big NO for me. I listed few hard-hitting boredom killers and it's effective :D *in my own way*.
  • Surprise, surprise! I cook!. I do that to kil my boredom. It's trenchant. Ang sarap pa sa feeling pag masarap yung luto mo. I cook riceXD, viands and prepare desserts. The great thing is I don't overcook the food. Wee! it's worthwhile.
  • I drown my senses to music. I am musically inclined and music is what I love the most. It's 100% effective. I just download songs, put it in my MP3 and tada! it's fun!
NP: ♫ ♪ I like that boom boom pow .Them chicken jockin’ my style. They try copy my swagger. Im on that next shit now.
  • I read books. I am currently reading “The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. I love to read, it enriches my mind.
  • I eat lots of food and that's why I gained weight. I am now Ms. Blubber :))
  • I always turn on the computer. I check my email, chat, update my accounts and customize my profiles. I do CSS, HTML and lots of net stuff. Even though it give me headaches and eye strain, masaya naman.
  • Watch and watch and watch TV shows. I love watching American Idol *please support Kris Allen*, local dramas and Boys Over Flowers, the show is nice :)) Lee Min Ho is hot and Kim Bum is oh! so cute. You gotta watch the show too.
That's the few. By the way, 4 days left until my birthday. Thanks to those who greeted me so advanced. Thanks a lot :)) I've been thinking of celebrating it with my Smoochicks *kisses*. I miss them so much and I hope! sana pumayag naman yung tatay ko. Well, that's all for now. Don't let the boredom hits you. Commit a crime. Kill the boredom :DD



  1. school is naitomea,, causes such as a high fever. makes you f*ck up too :D, sobra ba?


  2. Oh well.. I hate it when I got bored.. Before the thing that could take away my boredom is by watching TV/movies but then TV at home got damaged so I just go out and go anywhere just to get rid of it!

  3. fuck up? ang kulet nto oh! i hate the word so you must get rid of it - ok? it's an order! by the way, naitomea *claps* ang galing. nihotastic :DD

  4. watching tv truly takes away the boredom. going out is effective too *if you have money* :DD

  5. sure, ill not screw up and rant that word, way, i got my account, useless to :D

  6. school's almost there. Well, you'll find a more positive view don't you think? recollecting with friends and isn't it your senior year? Well, goodluck with that too, I suppose, there'd be more headaches in store for you, seniors. Kidding. :)

    BTW, I got caught up with BOOM BOOM POW, too. LOL. Enjoy the last days before school and of course hope you enjoy your birthday. :)

  7. i enjoyed my b'day :)) yeah, i expect those headaches and classmates' antics :DD i already prepared :))


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