Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's been a hot summer hitch, it's May! and love lots to my mom!

May, my fave month of the year and for two reasons: first, it means summer is still around the corner and second, hehe, it's my birthday month. I'm getting one year older again *sigh*.

Yup! that's right. I will turn 16 on 21. Maybe, I'm still light years away from doing "GROWN-UP" stuffs like driving, bar-o-holic status or anything like that, but, it's not everyday that a girl turns 16. Crazy but that's pretty special, ayt? By the way, I expect fun and hangouts this month but ughh, it's quite impossible for now. I think I'll have a lame birthday month instead :((. Because of heavy rains *curse you!*, summer was cut short earlier than I thought. Sad but I'm still a happy kid somehow.

My April turned out so fun!. I was able to frolic on the beaches of Bauang, La Union and see the allure of Pangasinan with my cousins. The beach's like heaven. Clean, has a good maintenace and cool - ang ganda grabe!. Aside from beach bumming. I was able to eat delicious and exotic foods too *yums* and I met my cousin Gian there- naging crush ko yun, ang gwapo eh :DD haha. I hadlots of wacky experiences, like off the hook encounters!. I even got my left foot injured :D (a long story to tell). I really love the place :D like I'm stuck in love with that place.

Back to manila, I was with my close cousins, friends and my family. We went to Loreland Resort. Medyo panget dun! *shhh*. Overwcrowded and dirty pool (sort of). I didn't even want to take a dip at first but, I don't want to miss the fun - "Minsan lang yan, wag kang kill-joy!", so I jumped off and *splash!* took a swim. I had a great bond with my family that entire day. Nothing can beat the fun brought by your love ones.

My April was fun. Even though I missed to hit the beach and check out the shores of Pagudpud - I'm such a beach bum but it costs lots of money, wala na kong pera and even though I made a sin, I told my mom a big fat lie and that's a secret *hides from mom*. I'm happy that I was able to spend my summer days with my family. I thank God the most for giving me a terrific summer. I just wish May would be like April. I don't want to bore myself to death and celebrating my birthday with the rain? - that's so sick! *sigh*.

L O V E L O T S M O M !

By the way, I just want to great my pretty mom a Happy Mother's day! also to the moms around the universe. We celebrated her day by going to Bulacan to visit my Lola - I wish she's happy there, in Heaven. We just got home few hours ago. By the way, it all ends here. Thanks for reading even if this is just a waste of time for some. Have a happy summer, rain or shine. Adiós!


  1. got yourself injured?

    rami mong utang sken
    kwento mo naman

    i'm still dying to know
    if youre ok :(


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