Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's hot, I'm bored and congrats PACMAN!

Round 2? I was like wooow! when Manny won against Hitman Ricky. I was relieved, 100% RELIEVED!. Well, because of some teenage gamble that was held between me and my Kuya Dar. But I got the better luck. I won! and he promise me that he'll treat me a cheese flavored ice cream or he'll take the responsibility of doing my household chores tomorrow. He didn't decide yet but he might opt to do the second option :D SANA LANG! para wala akong gagawin bukas.

Btw, this day worth the boredom and the wait. CONGRATS MANNY! He proved again that he's a true Filipino pride plus he received a whooping 12 million dollars too. Wew! uncountable as the grains of sand huh?! and congrats to his little sidekick - Pacman the Dog . It's a sure thing that he'll have lots of foods to eat tonight.

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