Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey, start out!

School is in. Wake up at 4:45am, 5 minutes of having second thoughts if I want to go to class xD, take a bath, breakfast and argue with mom - you know the drill!. I was nervous about the class opening. Okay, it's the second time I gone nervous about that matter. I don't know if it's because June 1 was too early for class! and arghh! I'm really against it or it's because I'm a Senior now? I don't know xD. Class opening was kinda boring for me. My new classmates were so quiet (until now) and I want to slap them!. Good thing is I was able to be with many of my former classmates again. At least may kadaldalan ako. Well, nothing so significant happened for the first week of class. There were way too many suspensions (dagdagan pa!xD) due to weather 'malfunctions' *lmao!* - sabi nga ng pinsan kong magaling. I mean, due to bad weather - at nakakainis, I left my Physics, Filipino and English notebooks at school. I was thinking about the homeworks. San ko isusulat yun? *laughs*

By the way, College stuffs still bother me. Dad just got my UPCAT application and my mom wanted me to apply to a review center. Okay, I'm on the process. The problem is I don't even know what course am I going to take *sigh*. My mom is bugging me about that. Wala talagang pumapasok sa utak ko. Btw, If I mess up the UPCAT and miss studying at UP, I'm planning to take up my College in UE or UST, PUP, what else?. Ughh, I know - College is a big deal and I always become tense whenever my Mom talks about it.

"but i love you girl nega isseojwosseumyeon sipeo but i love you girl nega jabajwosseumyeon sipeo but i love you girl malhajianhado seotun nae mam jebal nochimarajwoyo..."
Forget about the school, I'm currently listening to G-Dragon's But I love you - I'm having LSS right now. Oh yeah, I am stuck in love with ♥Lee Min Ho's Dunkin Donuts commercial . Whoaa! he's so cute there. Can't stop the MH♥ fever!. Btw, I'm still doing my Physics homework and waiting for the dinner to be ready - I'm hungry.


  1. my college shit starts next week, :D someone get to save me.

  2. rance! your looks kick butt. daan mo na lng sa ngit - papasa ka na xD GOOD LUCK!

  3. hii luch:)
    just droppin' by:)
    keepsafe ayt.


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