Saturday, November 8, 2008


[ thuu nihon addiction ]


Yamashita tomohisa, shun oguri, jin akanishi, yuto Nakajima, ryosuke yamada, ninomiya kazunari, kanata hongo, jun matsumoto, miyavi, hiroto,junnosuke taguchi, takuya kimura, koike teppei and of course IKUTA TOMA (the uttermost addiction of mine).

These guys are my most liked haiyuu (actor) and of course, these guys is a bunch of cutesy! (*sobrang sobra, haay!). I always search them in the net (and all over again lol), make them my desktop wallpaper and keep drooling on their pics (*at lagi). I liked them not just because of their looks (*whoaa!) but also because of their versatility and also their nationality is concerned.

By the way, thanks to johnny kitagawa a lot XD. Photobucket


Asian Kung-fu genaration, utada hikaru, the gazette, KAT-TUN, miyavi, UVERworld, orange range, JUNE, ai otsuka, yui, shimokawa mikuni and alice nine. I'm musically inclined so there's a reason to fall in love with these people. I like japanese songs very much. Even though i can't really understand what do the lyrics mean (*depends on romanji translation lol XD), i like it, it sounds nice and new to the ears.


I really love Hanazakarino kimitachi e /hana kimi (*whoaa, shuichi nakatsu!), Hana yori dango, Nobuta wo produce, Akihabara @ deep,Zettai Kareshi ,Kimi wa petto, Proposal daisakusen, Gokusen and Kurosagi. I like Hana kimi (and nakatsu shuichi lol XD) the best and i'm addicted to it (and him haha). In terms of movies, i don't watch that much but I really like Battle royale and L change the world.

True - I'm addicted with manga, i've read a lot but ZETTAI KARESHI is the best. I am also addicted with anime but i'm too lazy to specify my favorites. I'll just prefer Fushigi Yuugi as my fave.


It seems that my 'japanese stuff' addiction is relapsing and it is uttermost now! (*kaadikan). I don't know what is special about japanese stuffs and in the surface of japan. I just loved them and still loving them. Even though it's an obvious xenophilia,
I JUST CAN'T STOP LIKING THEM but of course nothing's gonna change, *mas mahal ko parin ang pinas!

SAYONARA! Photobucket


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