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anger management (?)

GALIT - anger, damnation, hatred, adj. hostile, indignation, adj. irate, ire, adj. mad, rage, rancor, resentment, vexation, wrath.

[uhmm, what the hell is anger?]


Anger is a complex motion. We are often frightened by our anger when we let out in destructive ways. On the other hand, we can also feel the effects of holding in our anger. Like an upset stomach, pressure , headaches (*like the feeling of a blasting brain,damn).

Finding a proper balance and expressing our anger constructively are important but difficult emotional tasks. Duh, we are not born with an instinctive knowledge of how to focus on it or use it for our benefit or what. That is something that must be learned.


Anger Photobucket is part of the fight/flight brain response to the perceived threat of pain. When a person makes the cognitive choice to take action to immediately stop the threatening/painful behavior of another (person or organization, or any outside force) anger (as opposed to fear) becomes the predominant feeling, with behavioral, cognitive and physiological correlates.

[anger! anger!]

To feel anger is neither good or bad. It is what we do with our anger, how we act when we are angry is so important. For example when we lash out in anger, later we may feel worse in remorse. However, when we discuss our hurt when someone who is understanding, we may feel better. And talking with the person who caused the hurt in the first place may create a stronger bond between you and that person.

It is difficult to a teenager like me to make the distinction between the emotion of anger and what is done with that anger. To a teenager, they are one and the same. Nevertheless, a teenager needs to learn the difference between the two.

We can control ourselves that we can feel angry and express our blames , yet not be destructive. In other words, it is O.K. to be angry, but it is not O.K. to behave in a destructive manner out of anger.

It is very important to make this distinction with yourself. We should not be chastised for feeling angry, only for destructive behavior. Eventually, we will learn the difference between feeling angry and acting out anger in harmful ways.


This is an old post from my former blog --> (*i'm sooo.. lazy that's why i posted this thing again lol XD).

I remember the time when I felt the most intense anger that I ever had before. My friends are concerned in that conflict so that's why I'm so angry about that sh*t person who started it. We even fought with offensvie words (*haha, but not the PIM thing). Kahit sa gm!. I hated him so much at that time (*kasi at that time, napaka-defensive niya sa sarili niya). He even insisted that we're the one who is wrong (*kahit naman obvious na sa bunganga niya galing lahat ng kasinungalingan). Until he realized that he's the real crap, nag sorry naman siya and I accepted it (*and now we're even friends haha). I also said sorry because actually, me kasalanan rin ako, ayt?. I lashed out mean words at him and that's really bad.

Super panget talaga ng feeling ng nagagalit. Imagine, I didn't sleep dahil sa kakaputak sa kanya (*haha). However, it feels great to handle that kind of situation. It's a way for me to know if I'm matured enough to be engaged in that kind of conflicts and of course, to get through with it.

Don't be carried away by your anger.
Para sakin, mas magandang maging masaya Photobucket


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  1. I can completely relate to what you said. My husband dealt with anger management issues and he found a lot of great ways to cope from I hope this is helpful!


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