Wednesday, October 29, 2008

who am i?

I am outgoing, understanding and happy.
I think I'm inlove (weeeee^^).
I know what I want.
I want Ikuta Toma!!!.
I have a sense of humor^^.
I wish I can witness a miracle someday.
I feel happy to have a complete family.
I love my friends so much.
I hate nasty backstabbers, false publicity, liar and waking up early!.
I fear that someone would die in front of me .
I hear my mom's voice from the kitchen, making up some conversation with my sis.
I search for 'true' friends.
I regret not being able to follow my mom often.
I always crave for Ikuta toma, chocolates, milk shake and plato wraps^^(*hungry)
I always listen to music, everyday.
I never smoke nor drink hard liquor. Bad for the health.
I am not PUNCTUAL.
I cannot hang out all by myself, I always want company.
I fight back when I'm provoked.
I confuse myself sometimes.
I need to see Ikuta Toma^^, urgent!.
I dance hip-hop or any modern dance.
I sing in the bathroom or if there's no one around & not in public, singing in public scares me...a lot.
I cry when I am in a deep problem or if I am carried away with my heart.
I should be humble all the time.
I am happy if I'm with my love ones.
I am currently making a post on my blog^^.


actually, this is an old post from my former blog I just posted this for you to know some things 'bout me (o yes, to know me a lil' bit ^^). nice to meet you, salamat sa pagbabasa. *hugs*



  1. ...ayan na, nabasbasan na!!

    ...tenen!! lolzzz


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