Thursday, October 30, 2008

i ♥ franklin

[my status]
missing franklin a lot!

I really miss you very much. Haha, trip ko lang gumawa ng t-shirt. I really miss you so much, I really miss you so much, I really miss you so much and I love you a lot.

According to what are printed on the t-shirt:
  • makulit
  • pasaway
  • CUTE
  • matigas ang ulo!
  • hot
  • responsible
  • we rock
  • walang iwanan!!!
  • astig
  • #1
  • sosyal ulit (*haha)
Di naman ako nagsisinungaling diba? (*maliban lang ata sa responsible? haha, sinama ko na, wala na kong ma-isip eh ,lol). I always feel calm and happy whenever I'm with you franklin. I hope our distance will never interfere our bonds. Mga pasaway!!!, I miss you a lot Photobucket

--luch Ü


  1. ...luv the t-shirt

    [btw, who's franklin?]

    ...lolzz,m ang tangek nung tanong!

  2. kia. haha. stupidity nga nman. why are you asking? XD


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