Wednesday, October 29, 2008

maling akala (get rid of it!)

[thuu story]

"A woman suspects her husband is cheating on her. One day, she dials her home and was answered by unknown voice. The woman asked, "Who is this?".

"This is the maid," answers the voice on the other line. "We don't have a maid!," says the woman. The maid says, "I was hired this morning by the man of the house. The woman says, "Well, this is her wife. Is he there?"

The maid replies ,"He is upstairs in the bedroom with someone who I figured was his wife". The woman is fuming. She told the maid, "Listen, would you like a P500,000 be in your hand?". The maid says, "What will I have to do?". The woman tells her, "I want you to get my gun from my desk and shoot the jerk and the witch he's with!!!".

The maid puts the phone down, the woman hears footsteps and gunshots. The maid comes back to the phone and asks, "What do I do with the bodies?". The woman says "Throw them in the swimming pool!!". Puzzled, the maid answers "But there's no pool here".



[thuu lesson?]

Do not make decisions nor accuse a person at the height of your emotions and specially, "don't be judgmental" (*wag kang humusga kaagad agad ng isang tao).

[for myself?]

I want to be less judgmental, but at the same time, I know it’s not realistic to try to completely stop judging people. In my opinion, it’s an instinct. But what I can do is keep an open mind and always try to find something good about each person.

I always challenge myself to be less judgmental. When i catch myself doing it, I ask myself why I would jump to such a conclusion. what has made me biased in this way?
I actually feel a lot better since I’ve been working on it. Being more accepting of others helps you be more accepting of yourself. There is definitely a strong connection between them and i also think less judgmental people are more intelligent *sigh*. They see things with open minds. they don’t leave any option out. they find truth. This is kind of ironic seeing as judgmental people usually think they know everything :). Ayokong humusga ng isang tao basta basta lamang without any basis. Judging a person is wrong (*definitely mali!)

[for the backstabbers]

Back-off losers!. Don't say mean things at the back of a person at (*worst) lalo na kung hindi mo siya talaga kilala. Try putting yourself in his/her shoes. It's so hard to be backstabbed and accused by lots of people. It hurts the person a lot. With every atrocious words that you throw at that person, you are also slowly ruining that person's positive outlook in life and self-confidence (*at napaka insensitive mo!). Try to know the person more before judging. Judging without any basis is a crap. If you're a human enough (*or a wise animal though lol XD), you know what I mean, right?. So don't be judgemental. Be an open-minded person. Don't be so stupid.


I hope you like the story. Natutuwa talaga ako nung nabasa ko. "Don't be judgmental", that's the best lesson that I think I can get from it.

Wag magpadala sa maling akala, it can lead you to awful situations.Photobucket

--luch Ü


  1. ...ayan na, nabasbasan na!!

    ...tenen!! lolzzz


  2. (*or a wise animal though lol XD)

    ...natawa aqoh dun! post lee (^^)
    so emblematic.4 typical situtions.

    backstabbers is overstatement! lolzz

    (pakibura nah lang sa isa, k? moved!)

  3. salamat sa pagbasbas =)) haha, nka relate ka cguro noh? haha *peace* luvlots kee.


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